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Is it possible to remove newly laid engineered wood flooring without destroying it?

I had engineered wood flooring laid in my kitchen/dining area. In one area of the room the floor dips to a lower level as the floor in this area is slightly lower. I should have had the area levelled before the flooring went down but the fitter assured me it would be fine. It was fine at first but ive noticed some of the boards move when I step on them and its starting to bother me.

How easy or difficult would it be to have the boards in the dipped area removed, floor levelled, then boards re installed, or potentially replaced of necessary?

Many thanks.

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It all depends on what method of installation was undertaken.
If it’s glued to the sub floor then there is no chance of salvaging the timber to use again.
If the floor is floating and is a click system then there is a high possibility that most of the timber can be removed carefully for reusing.
If the flooring is tongue and groove and floating and has not had the t&g pva glued and then the floor will be able to be used again. If it has been glued along the t&g then this makes it very difficult to separate the boards with out causing damage and with the amount of damaged boards you will have and the labour, it’s not something I recommend you do yourself. It’s best to have the floor taken up by a experienced flooring contractor


Answered 9th May 2020

Being a floor layer of mostly wood and tiles engineered flooring should be glued being t+g if it is coming apart then to me it sounds like it has not been layed properly and the floor underneath should have been self leveled because the underlay only has a certain height to go to and packing it up will only last so long before the floor starts to settle and move


Answered 13th May 2020

The flooring most beremoved by flooring fitters. The flooring can be removed and re used if is clicksystem flooring. If dhe flooring is glued down
Cant be removed with no damages if is layd floating woodflooring adhesive tank and groves you have50%


Answered 31st May 2020

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