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Wiring issues after house was rewired

I've just had my house 90% rewired about 8 weeks ago but have had a few issues with light switches not working reliably (sometimes they come on, sometimes the fizz and hiss a little, sometimes nothing happens). I messaged the electrician to say there was a problem but told him no rush, come around once the Covid situation is sorted. Then stupidly, I decided to have look in one of the switches to see what the problem was and messaged him that I'd done so. He's now said that I shouldn't have done, I should have called him again and he's have fixed it. Now that I've been into the switch, he won't warranty any of the work he has done and anything else he will do has to be done at an hourly rate (things like the garage and front gate light still need to be wired up). I get now that I shouldn't have had a look at the switch (I just didn't think) but is he being unreasonable? Thanks

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My question to this is, did you get an Electrical Installation Certificate ( legal document) and was it notified to Building Control?
If(and it a big if) he is registered with a part p scheme they would intervene. You can find out if he is by looking on the Competent Electricians Register. The Warranty starts from the day he finished the job and supplied you with all the above relevant paperwork. So he can’t withdraw it at will. I think you gave him the perfect excuse to ‘opt out’ of his so called warranty though by a having a bit of a look. Sounds like you have loose connection problems, which in itself isn’t major, but, it would lead me to think that what else is wrong?
Good luck.


Answered 7th May 2020

I suggest you contact him again and tell him there was a issue before you looked into it. Ask them if they don't come back to address it you will report it to the part p scheme he is associated with as they are to protect you from rogues. But I would still report it to the part p provider so they can keep a eye on this trader.


Answered 7th May 2020

Have you been issued with a full installation certificate?
If not your contractor is in breach of the part P regulations and you can report him if you are not satisfied.
Switches that fizz and hiss are normally an indication that the terminals have not been tightened up properly.
You might be better off getting someone else to finish off your garage and gates as he does seem to be unreasonable.


Answered 7th May 2020

The Electrician is being unreasonable, the installation is clearly not complete any issues with lights flickering is clearly not acceptable, customer has done as they should asked the Electrician to reattend, in the short term due to Covid 19 they took off a switch in the hope it was a simple fix, Electrician should reattend locate the fault and put right quickly, warranty for the installation is not affected if the work is signed off by a qualified Electrician which presumably the Electrician is, its would then be a good time to use another Electrician to complete the additional works asking him to check the works completed to date , at least customer would have satisfaction the first Electricians installation is safe.


Answered 7th May 2020

Personally I think he is being unreasonable. When you first phoned to inform him of the problem he should have called to investigate what was wrong. A ‘Fizzing’ switch needs looking at. It is probably a loose connection but should not be left until restrictions are eased. He should have tested the installation and issued a Part P certificate . He cannot do this if he is not registered.
I would recommend getting the installation tested by a electrician who is registered with either Nic six, Elecse, Napit or Stroma


Answered 7th May 2020

Has he given you relevant certificates?
BS 7671 - Electrical Installation Certificate
BS 5839 Pt 6 - for any smoke detectors installed

Is he a member of any scheme?

Did he give you a 14 day cooling off period (in writing)?
If he didn't (and the work was at your home and not a business) he may be liable to give you all the money back.

See this link in an electrical forum


Answered 7th May 2020

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