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How long does it take and what sort of price range does it cost to remove stone cladding from a house and restore the original brickwork?

Help with this question would be very much appreciated. We are trying to buy a house and have one that is almost what we are looking for however it has awful 80's cladding on the front elevation. (It is small semi.) I have searched the internet over and over and cannot find even a hint of the cost. I have posted this as a question as we obviously don't have the house yet.

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beware,the cladding could have been used to hide structural defects,or shoddy brickwork,so you may remove then have to render existing ,this will look better than the duckworths look lol 3k upwards 3 bed semi


Answered 14th Apr 2012

Hi there
Taking the stone cladding of the house can be tricky, and depends on the mortar or adhesive the builders have used to fit the stone in the first place, so you might end up either having I would call it easy* job taking them off than sandblasting the walls than re-pointing the wall, or taking them of and ruining the walls completely by removing chunks of the bricks too
I would have a professional survey the walls first but expect the job to be a bit expensive as it is time consuming
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Answered 14th Apr 2012

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