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Can i get the permission for a rear and side extension?

I'm going to have a rear and side extension on detached bungalows which bought recently but my garden level is 1m deep after patio level which is original level like other neighbours. I've been told The roof height should be 4 from the garden level so how can I have a rear extension?
And also can I have the side extension after the original wall along the rear extension?
And also can I have a loft conversion?
I would appreciate it if you can advise me?

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The 4m rule, to which you are referring is part of the General Permitted Development Order. It does not prevent you from applying for planning permission and having the application approved. Approval will depend on Local Plan Policy which will include assessment of the impact of the proposal in various contexts. i.e. impact on neighbour amenity, street scene, highway safety, etc.
Regardless of the height, you would still need to apply for permission if the side and rear extensions were linked, as this would be a wrap around extnsion which is not covered by the GPDO. This does not mean that it wont be approved, it simply means that it will be assessed on its individual merits.


Answered 28th Apr 2020

The 4m rule is covered under the permitted development guidelines so full planning permission would be required. It would seem from the scale of the project that planning permission would be required anyway. You can have a loft conversion. There are rules under permitted development that would need to be followed if you were looking to not put a full planning application in. The full rules can be found on the government website under permitted development. Be careful though as in some instances there are covenants on your deeds that may restrict extension work and in some areas your permitted development rights may be restricted or removed which would mean regardless of what you were looking to do you would need full planning. Best to check with your local council. Hopefully this helps you and others.


Answered 9th May 2020

Hey there,

In order for you to progress into building you will firstly need to look into your local council policy. At first read it would seem it’s highly likely you’d need to go through planning permission and get an assessment. That being said it’s not entirely impossible for you to be granted this based on what information is provided.


Answered 4th Jun 2020

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