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I'm a rank amateur, this is the first time I have painted anything.. I want to paint a pine bed, and a dark oak wardrobe. I'm going to use one of the heritage paints, Farrow & Ball, or Little Green. Do I HAVE to use their own very expensive base paints, or could I get away with a cheaper one. Thanks. Eve.

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I would consider using Zinser as a primer as it dries so quickly then an oil based eggshell or a satinwood.

But I have also grown to like using Little Green, as it does cover well. I've used it quite alot when working on some of Channel 4's TV Programme 'You Deserve this House'.


Answered 14th Apr 2012

i would use either a oil based primmer or a oil egg shell silmar to the finish colour remember when painting furniture to wipe back on the edges so as to prevent a hard edge forming (overlaps onto back or front) and verylighty sand between coats and use a hovver to remove dust use a purdy brush for the fronts and edges and a small foam mini roller for the backs to give them a proffesional handpainted look and also many thin coats are better than one thick coat hope this helps


Answered 19th Apr 2012

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