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No hot water in the shower cubicle

Please help ;
Got pump fitted in the loft working fine for 8 years. Currently not getting hot water in the shower. Cylinder tank in the bedroom.
Replaced cartridge still same prblm.
Cold water is pumping and comes in the shower head. Hot water is not reaching from cylinder tank to shower pump. ? Or is it the mixer it self ?

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you may have an air lock in hot water service,it could be hot water side of pump may have failed.


Answered 23rd Apr 2020

If the hot water is reaching the pump check the pump outlet, if the is coming from the pump outlet then qll the isolation valve are open towards the shower then you should have hot water, if not change the shower thermostat thats should slove the problem.


Answered 23rd Apr 2020

Filter on the hot side could be blocked so no water coming through


Answered 25th Apr 2020

Turn your shower on with out shower head on .if u have a exposed vavle you can feel if left hand nut is getting hot before valve . If hot then its your valve . If cold then its your pump. I would say your valve is probably scaled up and resticting the flow


Answered 28th Apr 2020

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