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Does this kind of extension need permission?

I've just bought a mid-terrace house.there are six some sized terrace houce in a row,the other fives excluding mine all have a two store extensions used as a kitchen in ground floor and a bathroom in first floor.but for my property only a ground extension is there.I am planning to add a first floor extension on the existing ground floor.I'm wondering if permission is necessary and roughly what this kind of extension cost.(about 2m*3.5m)
in addition, all these six houses'extensions seem not having permission(according to my search results)
thanks for your reply

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I dont know how you done your search but, you would almost certainly need planning permission to build over existing, main criteria building control will ask is how deep are the existing footings, he will ask for a couple of trial holes dug to acertain you have approx 1m deep footings, remember you are putting more load on the existing foundations.
You will also need building regs, or done under a building notice.
Ring up your local council, and they will point you in the right direction, other wise its all straight forward.
As for costs, prices vary so much from different tradesmen, as you may have read on previous posts, 1k per square metre is an average but there will be some alterations etc to yours.
Best to place your job in the Post a Job section on this site and get a few tradesmen out to give you some advice and a price, you may find one who will also sort out your planning and building regs.


Answered 6th Apr 2011

Hello Sleepingpanda,
You'll need pp, but it should be a formality. You'll need b'regs as well. Cost is difficult to assess, you may need to underpin your existing foundations. The Building Control Officer will ask for them to be exposed to make a decision.
If there's no problem with these, then it should be a relatively cheap extension, particularly if you can recycle the existing roof.
I can help with the plans.


Answered 6th Apr 2011

yes you will need Buioding reg and Planning permishion for the works described.
The cost per Sq met will be £1300-1800per sq m depending on the level of finish requiered also payment for plans planing and any structural caculations requiered.
take a look at my web
I will be glad to help you with all aspects requiered to compleat your project.
Please note that due to changes in planning legislation some projects may now fall under a differant type of planing ore no planing but building regulations etc.
regards Ashley


Answered 6th Apr 2011

yes this extension needs planning permission and building regs, you may get away without these but if you try to sell later you may find it difficult regards shoul post a job to be able to get an accurate price for your location.


Answered 6th Apr 2011

yes you would need planning and building regs you can check on council web sight some times you can do it under a building notice you would have to dig a couple of test holes to expose existing foundations get building inspecter to come out he will tell you if there adequate to take asecond story if not you will have to underpin and pour more concrete cost depends what sort of roof is it flat or let into existing roof


Answered 17th Apr 2011

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