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Attaching juliet balcony rail onto outside dormer tiles? advice?

Hi, i plan to attach a balcony rail on my loft dormer. My dormer has already been tiled up. What screws would i need to attach my balcony rail? without causing it to be damaged. My rail is about 32kg in weight so quite heavy. Do i use an m10 screw? not sure exactly where to go now.

Thanks for the answer so far.

Since it has already been tiled up. I was thinking of maybe taking off the 4 tiles that rail will hang from. Once I take that off I was thinking of screwing it on directly to the timber. I am not concerned if 4 of the tiles snap. Especially as it can be fixed back on with some glue. (Not concerned the most about aesthetics look at this stage) just really don’t want to detile since it’s all done.

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You need to strip the tiles off the dorma first and fix direct to the timber frame using high quality screws of a decent thickness m10 would do then cut your tiles around the brackets and seal with high grade silicon like CT1 sealant & adhesive.

Strip tiles from the top down or from the bottom up preferably top down as easier especially if they been screws your shouldn’t really screw and then you can re fix them and not have to rely on adhesive you shouldn’t really screw them as future repairs are now a nightmare and almost impossible without stripping from the top down.

I can not stress enough do not attempt to fix through the tiles not only will you break the tiles you won’t get a secure fixing direct to the timber frame of the dorma, I would hate to think of 32kg of steel or glass falling and doing serious damage to someone below.

I would consider hiring a professional who done this before as well.



Answered 10th Apr 2020

We normally bolt a bracket to the dormer and tile round it afterwards it has to be
a secure fix
If some one swings or falls against the balcony it could be fatal
It also needs building regulations approval


Answered 9th Aug 2020

This would be a major design change. I would first check with building control to see if a planning application would be needed. If building control approved, I would get a detailed drawing from a structural engineer and work from this drawing for construction.


Answered 20th Apr 2020

100% DO NOT fix in to tiles you need to strip tiles back and fix whatever frame work in to the dormer structure i always use coach screws M10s or m12s depending on the size . You will most likely be leaning against this a lot so safety is first plus the building inspector should be checking this before the job is signed off .


Answered 27th Apr 2020

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