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Is plastering guaranteed by tradesmen not to fall off walls in 6 months

I had a room damp proofed and replastered from floor to ceiling but just after 6 months room is covered in cracks and plaster is falling off in chunks. Holcombe builders who did job say they are not responsible as the damp proof has not failed. Is ok for plaster to fall off walls or am i being unreasonable to expect them to come and rectify the plastering

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Firstly, the guys on here who say he should've used pva on the damp course are wrong as there is zero suction in a damp course render and final coat is key coated. the reason for the cracking is because it was skimmed too soon as the render coat needs to dry before a skim or at least partially dry to minimise shrinkage cracking! the problem when you have 2 wet surfaces which are drying at totally different rates is they shrink and move independantly of each other and thus crack.

Answered 20th May 2012

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Yea they are responcible to come back and redo the work as it is quite clear that they have not used any type of adhesive proir to plastering, an possibly just give it a wafer coat of plaster.
Dont make any differance about the damp proof failing or not? the plaster should not have fasiled as you say? sounds like a botched job to me, or a failer somewhere in trades or even materials, but they are still responsible to come and put it right. Lots of strange things can happen when sorting pout damp issues, an this is a shrinkage and an adhesion problem?
You dont say what they used to damp proof the walls or what method they used to rectify the problem.

Answered 12th Apr 2012

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Sounds like there wasnt any adhesive applied or very little if there was, personally i believe the orignal contractor should rectify this for you or at the very least pay for a professional to complete. You shouldnt need guarentees a good tradesman will take responsibility for any errors and rectify f.o.c

Answered 15th Apr 2012

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I guarantee all my work for a minimum of 2 years. Plaster should not be falling off after 6 months. It sounds like it could have been applied too thickly or no PVA has been used. I suggest getting an independant plasterer to take a look.

Answered 12th Apr 2012

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If the damp proofing is ok,what reason have you been given for the plaster falling off? 6 months is not very long and you are right to expect someone to rectify this.Guarantees vary a lot from company to company and the bottom line is that some do not give a s*** about future work or being recommended and the guarantee lasts about as long as they are on that particular job.Unfortunately,it sounds like this is going to cost you again.

Answered 12th Apr 2012

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