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Detached new build garage built 2017 - will it have a breather membrane?


I bought a Bellway home in 2017 that has a detached double garage with a pitched roof. I’m currently converting half of the garage to an office and building control have said that:

“ If the roof does not have a breather membrane then it will require cross ventilation.”

I just wondered is there an easy way for me to tell? As it was built less than three years ago would this mean it would have had to have this to comply with standards/regulations, or is it not a mandatory requirement?

Any help would be appreciated! If it’s not mandatory and I find out I haven’t got it, what would be the rough cost to sort this? (Based in Warwickshire if that helps!)


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it should be a breather membrane, the easiest way to find out is to remove one or two roof tiles and have a look. or if there is a loft space have a look at whats under the roof tiles.


Answered 29th Mar 2020

For new builds I think from March 2005 it’s petty much Standard too have a Breathable membrane unless it’s for bats protection as they get stuck in this type of underly not 100 % on date but long and short a bell way home from 2017 will almost certainly have a breathable membrane but this is easy too check as above answer


Answered 29th Mar 2020

Save removing tiles just look in the gutter you will see the felt that has been used sticking out from beneath the bottom tile where it meets the gutter. Building regs would have stated breathable felt. Worst case fit a couple of inexpensive tile vents


Answered 31st Mar 2020

If it had been built within the last 3years it should have a breathable membrane as standard.


Answered 6th Apr 2020

Will definitely have breathable membrane. Even it it hasn’t houses were built 350 years previously without it & most are still standing so don’t worry achieves nothing apart from extra cost.


Answered 7th Dec 2021

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