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Adding a bathroom with toilet in the next room to a main bathroom

Hi I'm looking at installing a bathroom / ensuite next to a existing bathroom
The soil pipe will need to be fitted inside and join onto the existing which is a standard height on the original toilet.
We can hide the pipe behind boxing
The original/existing toilet is approximately 2800 mm then turns at a 90 degree and 1900 mm away from the new proposed toilet will be situated
The new toile can be taken up onto a false floor to make any fall
Can we connect into the soilpipe that's behind the existing?

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Yes I cant see why not from your description.
From the sounds of it you can tee into the stack all depending on heights but theres normally a way if the stacks accessible.


Answered 25th Mar 2020

yes you can.
calculate at least a drop of 1 cm per each meter of length and if you can use a long radius bent instead than the classic elbow.
if the drop is too much there is the risk that the water will run faster than the solids.
probably also buy the new toilette with at least a 6 lts tank.


Answered 25th Mar 2020

yes it should be ok but if in dout get a qualified plumber to do it.


Answered 25th Mar 2020

The most important consideration is fall. A fall of approximately 1in 75 is fine. Next you need to ensure separating the soil stack is straightforward, do you have enough access to cut it, is it internal or external? Planning a project like this through methodically from the outset and having all materials to hand will definitely help. One thing that may help, if you want to look for one , is a toilet with a high spigot to the rear, this will aid fall and may reduce the height of the floor.


Answered 28th Mar 2020

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