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Can you silicone render over existing render?

Hi, our house is being Rendered but we have pebble dash and have been told by the person doing it that he is using a silicone render to go over our existing pebble dash. I just wanted to know if someone could help answer if this is standard practice and if there are any pro’s and cons? Thank you

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I’ve always removed the pebble dash to expose the brickwork and render directly on top of bricks/blocks. I feel rendering over pebble dash Could be risky.


Answered 22nd Mar 2020

If the pebble dash is in good condition and clean.
One of the best ways of re-rendering pebbledash without removing pebbledash render is by smoothing over it with a One Coat Dash Cover (OCDC). This is the ideal material to use, because it can be applied at a thickness of 20mm thick without compromising structural integrity. You wouldn’t want to put a non-breathable material on top of the pebbledash because water needs to be able to escape from the walls, otherwise you may find yourself in an unpleasant, waterlogged situation and then creating internal damp problems


Answered 23rd Mar 2020

Clean any flack paint then stables with sablesing sloson then you can paint wot ever you like


Answered 21st Mar 2020

no you should be asking a pebble dasher/plasterer


Answered 23rd Mar 2020

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