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Yellows tinge after using all in one primer and undercoat

After sanding down and cleaning mahogany staircase we then used deluxe trade all in one primer and undercoat. We have given it two coats and goes on white but there seems to be a yellow tinge in places as it drys. we have brought deluxe trade diamond satinwood which we found absolutely brilliant previously and all our doors are still pure white after a couple of years, amazing paint, will this yellow come through?

Can the zinsser go on top of the undercoat and primer that we have just done - we have given it 3 coats?

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Dear Jen,
I suggest you use a stain-killer like Zinsser stain killer for woodwork. Once applied and dried, you can re-apply 1 - 2 coats of satinwood Dulux. This should get you rid of the yellow stain, which is due to moist / humidity of the wood.


Answered 20th Mar 2020

The hardwood staircase is what we call bleeding through the paint.Because of the type of wood it contains tannins so a special primer is needed,either an aluminium primer or a Zinnser.


Answered 20th Mar 2020

Zinsser BIN. This will block the varnish from grinning through! Then you can apply your desired top coat without anymore problems ;))


Answered 21st Mar 2020

Hi Jen.
I would like to agree that Zinsser B.I.N will kill the yellowing and can be over coated ,then with satinwood finish. But I would be worried that the primer has been compromised by the varnish. So would take the paint off back to the varnish and start again, with Zinsser first.


Answered 22nd Mar 2020

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