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I live in a small 3 bed semi built in 1945. recently i have noticed cracks appearing around the windows and all across the ceilings. what do you thinks is causing this? should i be worried?

All this is only on the 1st floor.

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Hi, this could be down to your central heating, the property drying out. If you've had the heating on a lot or if the House has not had heating long. If this is the case therewould be nothing to worry about, just some filler and repaint. If this is not the case a more indepth investigation would be requiered
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Answered 18th Apr 2012

It depends how thick and deep the cracks are, all properties will eventually crack, slamming doors, windows and walking about upstairs heavy footed are the main culprits for cracking.
If the cracks are only hair line cracks and not 4mm plus wide, then I'd just suggest filling them with decorators caulk and not normal filler. The reason for this is that decorators caulk is a flexible filler, and if the crack ever slightly increases in size, then the filler will expand with the crack.
If the cracks are large cracks 4mm plus wide then it's probably structural or the worst case subsidence. If the cracks are hair line cracks then you have nothing to worry about.


Answered 18th Apr 2012

it just cud be the settling of the house if you got a 1 inch crack then worry hope this will help
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Answered 20th Apr 2012

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