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We had some platering done and sealed it. we made the mistake by painting with silk emulsion . we have sanded down are going to try and paint it with matt emulsion. is this the right way to go.

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Make sure the plaster is fully dry, (not just looks dry). A moisture gauge can tell this: 18% or under is ok. Or if it's just a 3-5mm skim then leave for two weeks. If its had bonding then skim it needs to be left for a couple of months! this relates to the vinyl content in Silk, if you put a vinyl silk or vinyl matt on plaster still drying out it creates a seal and the moisture cant escape the only way it can is by pushing the paint off and making it fail. Use a contract matt (Dulux supermatt) if in doubt and 50/50 with water as a missed coat and then two coats on top then repaint in Vinyl Silk at a later date.


Answered 22nd May 2012

The right way is to mix 50/50water and White emulsion and was the wall with it then put your paint of any choice on top


Answered 11th Apr 2012

i wood pva it first then 50//50 water and emulsion pva wood be watered down


Answered 20th Apr 2012

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