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Who do i get to remove a fake wall?

In my bedroom there’s a fake wall that has been put up for a walk in wardrobe. However, I’m looking to open this back up to then build a wardrobe along the back wall. Who do I get in to demolish this wall? It’s just plaster board so could I potentially do this myself?

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If it’s not a load bearing wall then there should be no problem taking it down so potentially yes you could do it yourself. Just get someone in to repair/ make good of the adjoining ceiling and wall (from removed wall)


Answered 7th Mar 2020

Hi,need to check if is a load bearing wall,if yes need to prop the ailing,a steel beam across and then remove the wall
I hope this help


Answered 8th Mar 2020

If you know for sure that the wall has been build up to build a wardrobe it should not be a bearing wall.
Most of the people believe that a stud wall in plaster boards is not a bearing wall but they are wrong.
Go in your loft and see if that wall is supporting any part of the roof.
If it is not your remove it.
But you not a builder or a qualified person to say so, it is better for you to get in touch with a professional for a quote for the wall removal and plastering, patching.


Answered 8th Mar 2020

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