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Water stain in newly plastered ceiling - best way to seal properly.

We had our kitchen ceiling fixed and replastered due to a previous leak in the bathroom which had since been fixed. Around the same time, we got our bathroom refurbished but when the plumber installed the new bath the overflow pipe wasn't connected properly so the first time we had a shower the water leaked through the ceiling. This has now been fixed but there is now a large water stain on the ceiling but no cracks. I have left it for over a month now to make sure it has dried out.

I will be painting this soon but should I apply a stain blocker before applying the mist coat or after?

Any recommendations in which stain blocker to use and tips for using a mist coat on a ceiling would be greatly appreciated too! I’ve only used a mist coat on walls so far and have a feeling it could be quite messy given the watered down paint I will be using.


Update: Thanks for the reply ID Decorators Limited, i'll give that a go, hopefully all works out.

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You need to apply twice (to be sure it will dissapear) stainblock Zinsser (the red one - it dries in 10-15 min) - which on the market in my opinion the best possible (a bit costly - but worth) solution for any stain to treat. Always after applying Zinsser to do touch up, leave for a full dry - before applying the final coat not to have any differencies after! You can apply it before mist coat.


Answered 2nd Mar 2020

Apply stain block


Answered 2nd Mar 2020

I would use stain block first then miss coat then your top coats


Answered 3rd Mar 2020

Yes the first decorator is right but zinser has brought out a water based stain block .Its in my dulux paint centre have used it and does work .Its just water based version so it doesn't muck paint brush up and you can wash it out


Answered 3rd Mar 2020

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