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Lining paper vs. paint - freshly plastered walls needing to "breathe"

We are currently renovating a 1920s house and have been advised to paint directly onto freshly plastered walls rather than add lining paper and then paint.

The justification is the paint allows the walls to breathe and if using lining paper, they will become damp.

I want to use lining paper for the extra noise and warmth insulation but don't want to deal with any damp issues.

Should we just paint or can we use lining paper without problems?

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If you really want to line it then paint the walls first as wallpaper on plastered walls is a nightmare when and if you take it off .If it was me it would be much better to paint and will look much better.


Answered 29th Feb 2020

When painting new plaster you should always apply a mist coat which is a watered down paint, it works in the same way for wallpapering freshly plastered walls apply a mist coat of watered down wall sealer with a roller, prior to wallpaper adhesive it works in the same way giving a barrier, it is known as a sizing solution, will make it a lot easier to manipulate the wallpaper into position also


Answered 29th Feb 2020

The lining paper will only become damp only if you already have adamp problem but make sure plaster is fully dry before linning


Answered 1st Mar 2020

The plaster will dry and start to show hairline cracks over time. It also has to be perfectly smooth if painting, or imperfections wil be highlighted by the paint.
Lining not only prevents hairline cracks from appearing and covers all imperfections but it helps insulate and protect.
Feel a plastered wall compared to a papered one and it will appear colder!
I would always advise lining to give the work longevity and for a much better finish.


Answered 2nd Mar 2020

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