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Where would the most likely place be for the source of a ceiling leak?

I live in a ground floor flat tenement flat. I have a leak in my living room ceiling, that would appear to be coming from the flat above, that also has the same lay out. The tenant in the flat above has confirmed that they have water ingress via the windows.

I have multiple patches of damp and had to have 2 holes drilled in the ceiling to stop the water from pooling; damp patches were spreading and the plaster was starting to bubble in places. Emptying the buckets of water this morning, I have emptied 1.4 litres of water in a 24hr period. The ceiling leak started about 1ft from my window area and the damp patches has spread in both directions (towards the window and further in to the centre of the room).

As I mentioned the tenant above has confirmed that they have had water ingress via their living room window. Having spoken to the letting agent that manages the flat, they are trying to push it towards brick work and saying that the tenant has not had that much water ingress (they haven't been out to look at the water ingress) so I should be taking issues up with the factor of the building.

I'm just curios as to where the most likely source of the ceiling leak could be?

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Is the water clear or contaminated (soapy etc …) Given the volume of water it would suggest a leak from the central heating / Bathroom or Kitchen waste? I would call a plumber. Best to isolate all electrical supplies. Regards David


Answered 24th Feb 2020

I strongly suggest this leak originates from your neighbours bathroom and is the tracking across the surface of your plasterboard ceiling to a natural low spot. There bath panel ought to be removed for a thorough inspection if only to rule that out. Also the water they claim is coming into their window, are they possibly confusing this for excessive condensation ? Again worth checking. Best wishes Lee


Answered 23rd Feb 2020

Is the leak only happening during bad weather? If so it would have to be due to rain penetration of some sort.
If not it could be leaking pipework.


Answered 24th Feb 2020

If your flat is leasehold or rented then you need to get straight on to the owner or your landlord. Water ingress presents a number of health and safety issues - in addition to causing damage to the fabric of the building and interior fittings. If it is coming through walls or window openings then it is likely to be slow penetration, and most probably dirty. A steady water 'flow' suggests leakage from pipework. I would suggest it needs proper, urgent investigation.


Answered 27th Feb 2020

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