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Can you place a hob in front of a window?

I have limited space in my kitchen and want to place a hob in front of a window, I'm not bothered about an extractor. Is this legal? Any hazards?

Edit: I called Building Inspector today, he stated that there are no specific regulations that stipulate gas/electric hobs cannot be placed in front of a window.
I also called GasSafe Register Tech Support, they stated that there are no regulations that stipulated gas/electric hobs cannot be placed in front of a window. However, they state that it is not recommended and not the preferred location.

If anyone has any different ideas, please advise.

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hi alex,
its not the ideal position given the combustible materials breach of minimum distances required. More often than not you will come across the danger of curtains catching fire, flame being blown out, the danger of reaching over a flame to open your window and the regulations are quite clear on minimum distances for combustible materials above gas hobs and the default height is 750mm. Given that a window reveal may also breach this due to pvc or wooden frames possible catching light i would have to say no.
good luck with the design

Answered 4th Apr 2011

Pete Williams General Builder

Member since 10 Jul 2010

change the window to heat resistant glass and youll be fine

Answered 4th Apr 2011


Member since 7 Jun 2008

u will prob find u cant. gas hod u cant for sure and i would think its same for electric not sure rules as have never had to fit one by a window. but do know theres a rule about gas hobs and distance from windows so sure same with electric a rule is 300mm away from window if that helps

Answered 4th Apr 2011

william bradley

Member since 8 Mar 2011

would not advise to put infront of window, try re designing,

good luck

Answered 18th Apr 2011

dibben interiors

Member since 7 Dec 2009

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