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Install a socket from a fused spur

Is it possible to run a socket from a 13amp switched fused spur that is already a spur?

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If the 13 amp fused spur is on the ring circuit and you want to add a socket to the load side of the fused spur yes that is fine as that individual socket will be protected by the 13a fuse in the spur.

If unsure please call a qualified electrician to carry out your works to be on the safe side.

Wish you all the best.


Answered 20th Feb 2020

Hi there, you can run as many sockets as you like( the number would be determined by the area ie. 50 sqm or 100 sqm, anyway one or even ten would be absolutely fine and safe) from a 13amp fused spur switch.
Hope this helps. That is the theory part but in real life always leave the job to be done by professional electricians and stay safe


Answered 20th Feb 2020

It's a job for a qualified electrician. If it's a fused connection unit on a ring then yes. If it's a spur fed by a single cable then no.


Answered 29th Feb 2020

The answer is correct except I can add that it is permissible to use 1.5mm cable as the maximum load can’t exceed 13A


Answered 5th Mar 2020

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