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House has few vertical cracks in walls and also some outside wall bricks have cracks. whats the best way to repair this? is filling enough or some horizontal bars to be placed? repointing required?

These are main walls to the front and rear of the house.

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With out having a look it hard to say but if the bricks have cracked it may be down to subsidence or ground heave. The bars you are refering to sounds like the helifix system which i dont have confidence in.
If you are worried about the cracks ask a serveyor to pop round and take a look.

D.S Builders

Answered 4th Apr 2011

D.S Builders

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First of all how bad are these cracks, how long have they been there, have they enlarged at all.
First suggestion would be to get a structural engineer round to check,to see what caused them.
If your happy that its only a minor issue, and you have had no further movement, then I would cut out the joints about a metre long and, and fit helibars in the joints, these are designed for crack repair, basically you use the applicator gun to apply a bead of helibond, insert the stainless steel helibar and more helibond,
leave enough depth to allow for pointing.
You can cut the bars to length, if you have long cracks, fit about every 4/6 courses.
You can but the Helifix kit from Screwfix £168 which includes every thing to get you started.
Builders merchants also sell them, sometimes different brands.

Answered 4th Apr 2011


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You need to get it checked buy a surveyer!

Answered 4th Apr 2011

swiftpat ltd

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Jay have you had a survey to check what has caused the cracking of the building?
this is normally covered in ur house insurance?
There are a few reasons why these cracks are caused? Subsidence, settlement,Age are just the most common reasons and in a lot of cases they are not a big problem and just need repairing properly. No its best not to just fill the cracks and hope for the best, the bricks have to be removed and new ones stitched in, bars are not used as if there is more slippage they can cause worse problems, they are used in some repairs but only to specafication from engineers ect.
Its best to have it looked at by someone Qualified to asses why its cracked and then take advice as to the best way to repair.

Answered 4th Apr 2011

Pimco, property improvement and maintenance co.

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Have you had the structure of the property checked to see if you haven't got a subsidence problem? the cracks on the outside sound a concern!
If the property is sound then interior filler is fine to use aslong as the cracks arn't huge or it might need patching with plaster.
Again regarding brickwork if the building is sound then a repoint should be fine

hope this helps

Answered 4th Apr 2011


Member since 26 Oct 2008

it sound like it need to be underpined that means hew footing would you like me to take a look pls let me no

Answered 14th Jan 2013

Gemini Builders

Member since 10 Jan 2013

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