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Ok to leave gravel in flowerbed?

We have a new flowerbed where gravel stones got mixed with soil. Is it ok to fill flowerbed with fresh soil and new plants? Does gravel damage plants? Should we use membrane before laying fresh soil? Cheers.

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Ideally lay weed control sheeting down before adding soil a bit of stone won't affect planting will actually assist drainage of soil. place sheeting over new soil temporarily to reduce contamination from airbourne seeds from weeds till you are ready to plant then remove sheeting and possibly add a mulch of some kind to cover soil


Answered 12th Feb 2020

The gravel should be fine as long as there’s plenty of soil


Answered 12th Feb 2020

Should be fine if as Poplar Landscapes said - there is more soil than stones. If you are concerned or if it seems to dry quickly or the plants look straggly (when we get dry weather!) Add in some organic matter and that will provide moisture and nutrients for the plants.


Answered 14th Feb 2020

The soil over the top of the gravel should be fine, You can mix with a good compost to give nutrients to the soil. The gravel will help with drainage. You can lay a weed membrain down before you plant then cut a cross into the membrain to allow enough room for plant to be planted then lay mulch on top of the membrain to stop any future weeding jobs on the bed.


Answered 25th Feb 2020

That’s absolutely fine, the gravel will provide good drainage.

Yes fine to add new soil and plants but you wouldn’t need much soil... just enough to cover the gravel if it’s bothering you.

I don’t see the need for the weed suppressing fabric in this instance though, it may reduce weeds in short term but in my experience they always fail and then become a nightmare if you want to cultivate that bed in the future or plant bulbs etc

I would use a layer of mulch instead and keep topping it up, it will suppress weeds, give nutrients to the plants and retain moisture.

Good luck, happy gardening.


Answered 23rd May 2020

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