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Is this asbestos in the artex?

My ceiling in my hallway is damaged and its artex i want to know if it contains asbestos and if you can tell by a picture of it?

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If your house is before 2000 there most likely is asbestos it the artex around 4% or below this is only harmful in powder form or damaged.


Answered 10th Feb 2020

Hi there, asbestos can be found in building that was built before 2000, the only one to find out is to get a help from specialist to have a look at it, try not to disturb dust, and stop immediately any work undertaken


Answered 10th Feb 2020

Hi you would not be able to tell from a picture my advise would be to get a asbestos company in and do a test thanks paul


Answered 10th Feb 2020

Just to add to the advice you have already been given a property report when moving in you can also some times give you the answer


Answered 10th Feb 2020

Just to add a bit of extra advice, if unsure always get the advice from an asbestos professional when dealing with asbestos.


Answered 10th Feb 2020

I would personally call up a company specializing in asbestos testing and removal to come out and professionally test the artex. Hope this helps!


Answered 10th Feb 2020

Hi you not going to be sure and save by the photo and better don’t disturb the area until a competent person tells you is not asbestos ? Good luck


Answered 21st Apr 2020

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