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How much can will a standard damp proof course cost and how long to get it done.

I am buying a property in Scotland, a repossession. The survey indicates damp at the rear of the property. I notice also that the laid wooden floor has 'popped up' in the centre of the floor some distance from the damp area. Could this indicate a problem with floor joists in addition to damp at rear. What would be the best way of ascertaining problem from an external view and roughly how would it be resolved and what are the potential range of costs.

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I agree with BJD

post the job on my builder and get a specialist in to survey the property.

We are based in Fife,Scotland and would only be too gladly to help you.


Answered 11th Apr 2011

By the sound of it, you need a good Damp proofing firm out to inspect, advise and price.
There is no chance of giving advice or a price on the info supplied.
Post your job on this site, invite a few Damp proofing companys out, they will then tell you what is required and the cost.
They will, or should give a gaurantee for the works.


Answered 4th Apr 2011

I agree with B J D Building, a company I would recommend are Peter Cox Property Services, they provide a 20year guarantee - you should be able to google them. Good luck!


Answered 11th Apr 2011

Post your job to find high quality tradesmen and get free quotes

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