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Using dulux trade eggshell white

I have just had some walls plastered(skimmed) and have been told by one painter that the
Dulux trade dismond eggshell can go straight onto the newly plastered walls, after the plaster has been sealed.

2) Another painter said that newly plastered walls first need two coats of dulux trade matte, before one coat of dulux diamond eggshell can be applied to the walls.

Who is right ?

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All newly plastered walls should first be mist coated with a contract matt emulsion to seal them. Contract or Hi - Opacity emulsion has no vinyl content so that it penetrates into the plaster. Once this has been done then you can paint over it with whatever type of paint you desire, however it is good practice to always apply 2 coats of paint to achieve an even coverage and depth of colour.


Answered 3rd Feb 2020

All new plaster should be sealed with a thined down coat of contract matt emulsion.Then a top coat of what you prefer.


Answered 3rd Feb 2020

All bare newly plastered walls and ceilings should have a mist coat consisting of a watered down contract Matt emulsion before any coats of vinyl Matt or contract emulsion are applied


Answered 4th Feb 2020

New plaster should always be sealed, finished with a oilbased eggshell, if necessary for a bathroom or emulsion on a living room and washable matt on a staircase, but always go with the customer preferences, Helping them with advice.


Answered 7th Feb 2020

If by sealed they mean with a mist coat of contract matt or thinned vinyl matt, then yes they are correct. It could also mean sealed with Zinsser Gardz or Beeline primer sealer which is correct as well...needs clarifying what they mean by sealing.


Answered 3rd Feb 2020

All bare plaster needs a mist coat


Answered 3rd Feb 2020

You can prime with thinned Diamond Eggshell as there is no vinyl in in but it's a rather expensive way to prime the walls. Contract matt thinned, as previously stated, is the most common way to prepare new plaster and then put your two coats of eggshell on top. Don't use PVA to seal new plaster.


Answered 5th Feb 2020

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