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Painting paving slabs - what works and lasts?

Hello, I am wanting to paint (in bright colours) newly fitted paving slabs but to be reasonably hard wearing. I can't find any suitable coloured paints ready made for the job so I am looking at other options. I've come up with two options, but I'm very open to other ideas.

1) Use a white primer designed for masonry/paving. The use general outdoor paints (probably mostly wood paint) to do the actual colours. Finally use a patio sealant to protect the paint.

2) Again probably use a white primer to help given a lighter base colour. Then use cement dyes like Hemway (haven't been able to find a purple anywhere else) to dye patio sealant and then use that.

In either case I would check for slipperiness and if necessary do a layer of sealant with some sand to give better grip.

What do people reckon? Which would work better/last longer and what other options would you suggest. I've also seen some people using spray paints but I don't know what and that seems more harmful to the environment.

Edited to add: people are suggesting base paints - are these in terms of the primer - neither has a suitable variety of colours for the final finish.

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You must use for the paving slaps an epoxy base paint this paint is usually use on concrete floors, and also it has a longstanding durability which is perfect for driveways and patio


Answered 28th Jan 2020

dulux exterior for concreat grey extra


Answered 29th Jan 2020

Unfortunately our weather will break all paints down thru time
and you will be forever scraping loose and flaking paint for years to come especially if this is on slabs etc where they will be getting hit hardest by rain / frost / snow , , I’m not saying don’t do it but be prepared to keep doing it and keep scraping loose flaking paint . Sorry to bearer of bad news 🤓🤓


Answered 29th Jan 2020

Good quality exterior paint


Answered 29th Jan 2020

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