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Does it matter that my drainpipe squirts water when it rains?

When it rains heavily my drainpipe squirts water out of the bottom joint. Once when it was really heavy, it squirted out of a higher joint. I think that the water is not draining away quickly enough possibly due to some blockage underground. The water fills up the flower bed under our lounge window. Is this something that I need to get fixed or does it not matter? I am worried that the underground pipe may run under the driveway which would have to be dug up making it a big job. I don't even know what sort of workman I'd need if it needs to be fixed. I would be grateful for some advice.

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Hi the most likely cause of this could simply be a small amount of moss or muck lodged in the drain pipe and simply undoing a couple of drain pipe fittings and flushing out with a hose pipe could solve the issue.
Over a shot period of time water leaking out would have no effect on your property however if left for a long time may start to develop damp or water damage.
If the drainpipe is blocked underground it maybe resolved by high pressure water jetting or drain rodding. If none of these methods work a underground camera inspection maybe required, hope this helps,
Regards Matt


Answered 28th Jan 2020

Hi this problem could be caused by couple of things there could be moss or other objects lodged in the pipe causing the water to build up and leak out of joints if not then it could just be down to some thing simple as lose fittings


Answered 29th Jan 2020

If the rainwater down pipe is running straight into the ground into a soak away it could be blocked underground and when it rains it could be backing up to the joints


Answered 6th Feb 2020

Due to heavy rain it will come out of joints as it can not take it u should always have deep flow gutter and this can help but it may still come out of pipe pipe joints should be glued and this can help


Answered 12th Feb 2020

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