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Paint is peeling off on to the roller and taking off the skimmed plaster

Applying 2nd coat and the paint peels off as I go over it the 1st coat and the skimmed layer peels on to the roller. I can’t scrape off the whole wall of paint and I applied primer( on the 1st coat) to fix it but it still peels off. I can’t reverse the process but how do I stop it from peeling and get a good finish

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Hi Zaf,
many things can cause this type of issue such as not applying of PVA or other solution prior the plastering, too thin coat of multy finish, dusty walls, not dry enough walls before the second coat or too thick first coat ... and even others.

I'ts not very easy to fix this, it does need to be inspected from a specialist to make the right decisions...nevertheless it can requires stripping the whole wall.
Sometimes you can get around it with applying very thin mist coat and wait till it is completely dry. Sometimes you can get away with applying primer such as zinsser or B.I.N or other solution might be necessary.
My advice frankly is: speak to a professional.
Kind Regards,


Answered 23rd Jan 2020

You may have an old type of paint that has been plastered over, it's called distemper and needs to be washed off before being plastered, if the plaster has a chalky substance on the back that stains a damp finger, that's distemper. The first coat of paint goes on, moisture from the paint and suction from the roller on the second coat pull the plaster.
Kind regards,


Answered 23rd Jan 2020

Was a mist coat applied? (watered down coat) there is a product called peel stop from screwfix plus other stores , this may stop it


Answered 23rd Jan 2020

If its only a small area its happening to you can rub and scrape it back, then use some easifill to patch the area, then rub down and apply a watered down coat first, then top coat


Answered 25th Jan 2020

previous answer is all and good ideas to try , I cant see the problem however I am guessing the mist coat was missed

personally I would sand the walls with a dry wall sander with a 180 grade or if its not to big a wall a good power sander, dust of a with micro cloth floor mop similar to the one you would use on wood floors

skim over the blown areas with (easy fill ) sand the easy fill with a 120 then dust off again the apply 2 coats of Zinsser all guard

also go with trade paints and not retail paint


Answered 25th Jan 2020

Multiple factors could be causing this problem. Plaster preparation or application errors, the wall condition, age and location or damp problems. I would recommend an inspection from a professional considering the variables. The options may include mist coating or priming and at worst case stripping the area and skimming over. I hope this helps


Answered 1st Mar 2020

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