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How to fill large holes after celling light installed

I have recently had a calling light installed in one room and as result of the job there are a few large holes in the celling and one big one from the original light. What is the best way to fill these in? For the holes in the celling I know I can't simply put filler in as there is a huge space behind, also is it ok for plaster/ filler to touch the wires?


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cut a piece of plasterboard the same diameter but a touch longer ,put a hole in the centre and tie some string through leaving a knotted end in the cieling side ,tie a small wieght to the other end of string ,then plaster over ,leave to dry then cut the string ,hole filled


Answered 2nd Apr 2012

you have not said how big these holes are however cut ceiling 6by 8 ins place a 2 by 1 batton 12 ins long inside ceiling screw through ceiling until batton fixed cut a piece of plasterboard 6 by 8 fix to batton fill with plaster or pollyfilla sand when dry simples


Answered 4th Apr 2012

hello there do not put wet filler on any live wires at all switch off lec
e mckeown


Answered 8th Apr 2012

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