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Timescale regulations for completion of build

Our builder's terms and conditions were payment in advance. He was very plausible and seemed honourable so we agreed to them. We have now paid for the whole of the build but phases paid for over a year ago have still not been completed. We have repeatedly asked for timescales and we are now in month 21 but the builder refuses to give any timescales and we are desperate to be in our home. At the beginning of the project he estimated 9 - 12 months to completion. Please can you advise on the best course of action as we need him to be cooperative. Whenever we put any pressure on he becomes even more difficult and resistant. Many thanks

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Hi you should never have given the builder all of the money up front you should have agreed stage payments
when certain stages of the work were
completed you pay that stage which
gives you a stronger position you need to send him a letter giving him a time limit to finish the work if this does not work you need to take legal advice and take him to court you need to get an independnt surveyor to value the work
incase you have to get another builder
to finish the work then claim this back from the original builder i dont think they are coming back.


Answered 18th Jan 2020

Without doubt you should have used a stage payment process.
You need to write to the builder to identify unfinished stages and corresponding costs.
You also need to outline ongoing costs, for example if you are renting.
You need to include when you expect unfinished stages to be completed.
And you need to explain that if full and comprehensive detail are not supplied you will commence court proceedings - give say 3 weeks from receipt of your letter.
Stick to your timescales and initiate proceedings on the date you specify.
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Answered 24th Jan 2020

Always insist on stage payments but could consider some payment for materials ask for program of works and trades and then make payments when each stage has been completed


Answered 25th Jan 2020

A deposit yes but not money up front no walll


Answered 27th Jan 2020

We strongly advise clients to enter into contract, JCT offer a great contract which can be purchased off the shelf, the purpose of this is to protect both parties, this contract will ensure that milestone are met to enable Payment to be made at stages or monthly. The contract also gives a time line to work to. Many small builders don’t like the idea of a contract but it certainly sorts out the good from the bad.

You don't pay for fuel before putting it in your tank, so why would you pay for work before it being carried out?


Answered 2nd Feb 2020

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