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Is the thickness of wallpaper important if papering over embossed wallpaper? will the pattern show through?

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Would definately not paper over paper , always better to strip and give the walls a fill and rub down before re-papering, especially embossed paper
hope this helps David King


Answered 4th Apr 2011

It will definitely show through if you paper over it, Do do the job properly it is always vital to take the old stuff off, prepare the walls by filling/sanding etc. then repapering.


Answered 7th Oct 2015

yes it will show through i would remove the embossed paper first to do the job correctly


Answered 4th Apr 2011

Its best to strip off old paper and do it properly!


Answered 4th Apr 2011

Yes it will, I would not do it,strip the paper it's the only way to guarantee results but if you are going to paper over then coat the wall with pva then cross line with a 1400 - 1700 grade lining paper before hanging the paper.


Answered 4th Apr 2011

It must come off, the embossed paper will show through... As we say "if your to do a job then do it right" then you can't go wrong!



Answered 4th Apr 2011

never paper over any paper really let alone embossed papers


Answered 5th Apr 2011

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