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Bad cats smell in a house.

I have a deep cleaning service to coming into a house that was newly refurbished 4 years ago. There's alot of stuff left behind for the skips and an unbelievable stench of cats urine (30 cats in the house). The cleaning service has said that when they have sprayed and cleaned everything down that they are going to paint all the walls, ceilings and wood work with wooden undercoat to help cover up the smell. Will this work.
Thanks Liam

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Hi Liam cat urine it's very difficult to get rid of but as long as the deep clean people do a good job it should be ok but most of the paint these days are water-based so it is imperative that the deep clean people do a good job hope this helps and good luck Chris decor 27


Answered 12th Jan 2020

Hi there Liam, it is bit difficult to get rid of the cat urine but my advice would be to call another cleaning team before investing more into painting the walls & woodwork. Sometimes depending of the time the smell has been ongoing for, it is getting into the walls too, furniture, carpets, etc but first try with another clean up. Hope you will find this useful. Vito.


Answered 12th Jan 2020

The only paint that does seal odours is zinsser b.i.n


Answered 13th Jan 2020

water based paints will not obliterate any urine smells for long. i recomend you use "sinzer" stain block and then an oil based under-coat for both emulsion and wood coverings


Answered 13th Jan 2020

a oil based undercoat would be the cheapest thing to use to seal it has to be oil based unless it's a specialists water based paint like zinsser 123 or zinsser 123 plus


Answered 14th Jan 2020

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