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Is it reasonable that i wait until my gas safe and g3 building reg. certificates arrives before making final payment

Having recently had a new boiler and unvented HW tank fitted (previously the system was all open vent), I am withholding the final payment until I receive these certificates as I had to query the connection of the HW tank expansion vessel which they connected to the hot outlet. On checking Vaillant's installation instructions the vessel should have been connected to the cold side (strictly speaking it should have been connected to the provided connection on the safety assembly/pressure reducing/cold water pressure relief valve). They have moved the expansion vessel connection to the cold inlet, but have still not strictly followed Vaillant's instructions, all of which led me to think that the G3 self certifying ability of the engineer has expired (an oversight I am sure if this is the case), and perhaps older building regulations were being followed when fitting the expansion vessel to the hot outlet of the tank.
Hence, wanting to receive the certificate so that I can be assured that the system is installed in accordance with regulations.
Also, the old boiler is still to be collected and the Boiler commissioning checklist has not been completed (even though I specifically requested that it be done at the time of them handing over the system - why would a heating engineer want to avoid filling out the boiler commissioning checklist, which is an integral part of the system service history?).

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Well it is quite simple really; when having an unvented cylinder and a gas boiler installed, the law requires that they are fitted and commissioned by competent persons authorised for such work, otherwise I probably would have had a go at doing it myself, I have done plenty of other plumbing work around my house.
The reason as you put it that I am somewhat informed is because I took the time to read the manufacturers installation manual!
I do happen to value the skills of all good tradesmen and think they are totally undervalued in this country. I did a mechanical engineering apprenticeship and served in the RAF working on flight simulators, so I appreciate all this hands on skilled work.

Ok, I am a happy customer now and all jobs are complete with the expansion vessel moved to the cold side after the guys admitted to an honest mistake. Gas Safe certificate has arrived, G3 is is it's way all paperwork and payment complete. I didn't hire these guys on MyBuilder so am unable to leave them a review (they are on here with 100% feedback, which I had seen before I hired them for this job), but if I could I would definitely recommend them and may well use them again if full time work means not enough time for DIY'ing it for some future bathroom/kitchen plumbing work.

Appreciate your update m w building construction and property maintenance, made me smile.

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Generally it is not necassary to with hold payment until you recieve the certificates, but in your case I would not pay the final payment.
To register the boiler with Gas Safe the engineer will tick a box to say the bench mark has been filled out and the boiler commission has been carried out properly.
You can contact Gas Safe to see if he has done the registration, you can also check to see if he has G3.
It all dosent sound to good?
I hope I have been of help Dave

Answered 30th Mar 2012


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Sorry Steveyboy i didnt mean to patronise you.Your ability to read an instruction manual is highly commendable and im sure all the real pilots in our much loved air force salute you for that.

Answered 30th Mar 2012

m w building construction and property maintenance

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