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Do you need 2 coats to rectify bad one coat results

Bizarrely, I said to my plasterer, "Are you putting two coats on" and he said "no".. and I watched him skim the board, then float up, then polish (multi finish)... which even as a girl, I thought was strange. So, as expected the joins in the board can still be seen. Luckily, hes the type to say himself that it werent a great job and has offered, without me saying anything about the job, to do it again... now, should I expect to see him put two coats over the skim, or will just the one suffice??

Hes done a lot of work for me, and has usually been meticulous and done very good work, so Im not going to ditch him. Like I say, he was the one who commented and said he would not leave it as it was. I just cleverly left a light on, so he could see it, without me having to mention it!

Two coats or one??

Thank you :)

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Two coats always !!


Answered 30th Mar 2012

Always two coats never one ,just not a done thing.


Answered 30th Mar 2012



Answered 30th Mar 2012

Hi there

To be fair you already know the answer, get your plasterer back in to re-skimm the work with two coats (unpaid tho) if he is good at his job he will be happy to correct his bad work.

Never never do 1 coat work....always 2 coats with finishing Plasters

best regards



Answered 30th Mar 2012

You should always apply two coats of plaster,,,why he did one I dont know,,,I do know some site plasteres do one coat but it never looks good,,to re do again PVA has to be applied and then a further two coats applied to get a good finish..maybe he's not a plasterer?...well I dont think he is.


Answered 30th Mar 2012

a good plasterer will always do two coat work, if your builder is a general all rounder it may pay you to ask to cover the cost of a professional plasterer because even if he applies the remedial works in two coat format it sounds like he will not be able to achieve the finish because even two coat work still requires the expertise. You say hes done work for you before, was it plastering? if it wasnt i would definetely use a person who plasters day in day out, hope this advice helps


Answered 31st Mar 2012

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