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How much will i pay for fitting of combi boiler?

I am looking to replace my old boiler with a combi boiler in a mid-terrace 2 bed house. i am going to buy the boiler, just need someone to fit it and take out the old boiler and associated bits. so how much are we talking here? i also want to fit a new solid fuel fire instead of the current gas one, am i right in thinking that the fire will have to come out as part of the central heating change anyway?

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Pro Finishing Services is right..........
this is the wrong forum to asking prices for a job.
Put your request on Post a Job & get plumbers in your area to give you a fixed price for the installation.Then you will know exactly where you stand with no suprises.
Also,if i was looking at a new boiler replacement,i think i would ask my plumber to supply it as i'm sure they will be able to get it at a far better price than i ever could.........and of course there's the professional advice that comes with it.
I know times are tough for everyone at the moment,but having a new gas boiler fitted in my house is not something i would be trying to cut corners on,you get what you pay for.

Hope this helps,



Answered 4th Apr 2011

Firstly be careful of buying the boiler yourself, it often works out more expensive than getting an installer to do it especially if its from one of the on line retailers.

We supply the boiler to our clients at the same price as we pay for it.

Also bear in mind that under energy efficiency rules, TRVs must be fitted to radiators and in certain cases the system will need a full power flush although often a de scale is ok

Ballpark figure for labour only for a house that size is £350.00 and should take no more than a day.

Hope this helps


Answered 3rd Apr 2011

i would charge u £1860 thats for a vaillant ecotec plus with 5 year warranty


Answered 3rd Apr 2011

hi, fitting of the boiler should cost around £500-600 depending on where the new boiler is to be fitted. the flue would have to checked for a solid fuel fire as from what you said i assume a back boiler is in place at the minuteand that will have a flue liner in. a plumber will be able to give you a better idea of what is the best option for you by viewing the job. hope this helps



Answered 3rd Apr 2011

I suggest you discuss the purchase of the boiler with the man who is going to fit it. As well as the boiler you need to think about flues, clocks and timers.
Your chimney needs to be checked out before any fire can be fitted.

Also need to think about moving pipes etc.

I should think you need to be thinking about spending between £2-3000. But there is alot of points to be discussed. I strongly sugest a site visit.


Answered 3rd Apr 2011

Post it as a job and get some firm quotes


Answered 3rd Apr 2011

Post your job to find high quality tradesmen and get free quotes

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