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Where to source replacement radiator bracket for old radiator

Hi guys,

We have just moved into a new house. One of the rooms required replastering, which required taking the radiator off. When we did this we realised it was missing a middle bracket (it is a very long radiator), it was not securely attached.

We are trying to source a matching bracket to replace the missing middle one, but it is an old design which is not immediately available from the obvious places.

This is the old bracket:

We do not want to replace all 3 brackets as this would require taking up the floor to move the pipework.

We would really appreciate advice on where we could source a specific old bracket, or where we might find one that is similar. We found a Radix one that fits, but is around 3mm too shallow.



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If you go to a plumbers merchants, many of them do a 2 piece bracket. Check the depth first. You then line them up with the top and bottom hook.

Hope that helps, if those don't work because they are too shallow or deep, think about replacing all the brackets with these.



Answered 2nd Jan 2020

As the above post has mentioned a universal bracket. If it's slightly Futher away you can always add some packers like a wood strip / aluminium flat strip behind the bracket.
If the other 2 brackets are well fixed I don't think you will have a issue. The main issue with a missing middle bracket I noticed is that if it's a single radiator the tend to bend out in the middle or bend when anything is pressed against them.


Answered 3rd Jan 2020

Hi you can get universal
From screwfix


Answered 3rd Jan 2020

If you source the make and model of radiator or take photos show them to plumbers merchants and I'm sure they will be glad to help


Answered 29th Jan 2020

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