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Is it legal requirement to have a thermostat on an existing boiler.

I have aVaillant ecoTEC plus boiler at my flat which I rent, it apparently does not have a thermostat, I want to know if it is a legal requirement to have one fitted or not, I would very much appreciate if anyone can help me with the right answer please. I cannot control the heating at all it's either too hot or cold and has to be done manually. Appreciated.

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from April 2018 new legislation came to force with every new boiler instillation aiming heating efficiency it is called boiler plus if you search on line you will see the detail of the legislation .any way if you want your boiler be controlled properly by a programmable room thermostat you always can add one to your system


Answered 4th Jan 2020

All new boilers need a thermostat to the heating to complete shut down the boiler when it satisfied,to meet the building regulations.


Answered 1st May 2020

any boiler fitted after 2012 must have a room stat and after April 2018 it then must have boiler + control s


Answered 11th Jan 2020

It's not a legal requirement to have one on an existing boiler but best to have one fitted so not to waste energy and to avoid being the tight ass landlord.
It is however a requirement to have one fitted on any new installation yes google boiler plus for explanation.


Answered 18th Jan 2020

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