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How to remove door off intergated dishwasher

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These doors are screwed on from the inside. Open the dishwasher door, on the inside of the door - down each side are a number of screws. These screws look like they are part of the dishwasher.... most are. Starting from the top, the second and forth screws(usually) are longer screws which hold the facia(kitchen door) Trial and error is your best bet.... undo one at a time, if it is a short screw re-tighten it. If it is a long one - remove it. There maybe two screws near the top corners of the door and there maybe two at the bottom corners... look down the side of the hinges. They differ depending on manufacturer. Once the screws are out, the kitchen door may require sliding up or sliding down a little to disengage the brackets before it will be free from the D/W .

Hope this helps.

Regards, Steve - Benhan Installations


Answered 25th Mar 2012

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