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Gap left between architrave and lvt tiles after fitted. fitter just told us to mastic the gap...

We've recently had our kitchen fitted and part of it they were laying LVT flooring. We've had a simple underlay used too. It is click vinyl so it's not glued down.

They have left gaps around architrave around 2-10mm (varies) and when I asked he said that you must leave gap for expansion and all you can do is fill with mastic. He's asking me to do this after saying he didn't do it because we hadn't painted the architrave first. I don't see how this would change anything, but nonetheless, my question is whether this is correct as I feel like it will look stupid having mastic round the edge of kitchen?

Edit: LVT was left in house for week before so was acclimatised already. Is it also normal to mastic where LVT meets architrave or should it be flush?

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Lvt click does need a small expansion gap nothing like, 10mm tho the frames would of been better undercut to allow the floor to slide under giving a flush look


Answered 25th Nov 2019

It’s hard to answer correctly with out seeing the job
But my first impression is that it’s been incorrectly fitted
Lvt can be scribed right up to a skirting board an architrave can be cut so the lvt slides underneath leaving no gaps at all. It is sometimes necessary to silicone to finish but not 10mm gaps.


Answered 23rd Nov 2019

a click system lvt needs a expansion gap around the edges but the archs should have been undercut and the flooring slid under.


Answered 23rd Nov 2019

The laminate will expand and retract in different conditions, so he is correct about leaving a gap.You would of been better taking your skirtings of and then putting new ones on top to allow for movement,the option now is to have a scotcher around which fixes to the skirting.
Although the fitter should of cut the Architrave to allow for laminate to go under around the door way.


Answered 23rd Nov 2019

Unfortunately this sounds like poor workmanship / lack of knowledge, click LVT does need a slight gap as it’s a floating floor, the architraves however should have been undercut to allow flooring to slide underneath whilst still retaining a slight gap you wouldn’t see one.


Answered 11th Dec 2019

LVT does not expand, it should be acclimatised, then fitted. Your fitter is trying to pass off poor workmanship as a product fault. Get him to refit it properly.


Answered 22nd Nov 2019

there should be a gap but the frames should of been undercut and slid under. unfortunately it sounds like you have had a bad fitter or someone who has little experience in lvt. fully stuck lvt is much better for future work.


Answered 11th Feb 2020

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