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Softwood door lining - vaneer oak doors

My door linings are softwood.

I am thinking of getting vaneer oak doors pre finished.

What can I do yo the linings to match the door colour as I don't want to paint them? Is staining or clear varnish do the job?

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all depends on what colour are the vaneer doors are. If they are a dark vaneer I would say a stain because the more coats the darker it will become to match vaneer.
But if the vaneer is a lighter one then the clear varnish but don't take my word on this as I just fit them.


Answered 19th Nov 2019

If they’re Oak veneer, get an Oak coloured stain.


Answered 24th Nov 2019

If a dark veneer door would change the lining to hardwood easier to match colour


Answered 1st Dec 2019

If it is a light colour you could try and prime them then you could put a light stain on them then just add more coats to darken to suite

White primer


Answered 12th Dec 2019

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