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Bring out corner base unit 2cm on the corner to match next run of base units at 600

All flatpack which i've built up and realized the 1000 base unit next to the 925 corner unit is about 2cm to long, no problem I thought i'll cut it off the back panel of the corner cabinet that secures it to the wall, fitted it in place happy days, then realized that because I've cut the back it will 2cm deeper than the next run of 600 base units doh! What's the easiest way to rectify this? I was thinking maybe cut 2cm off the end that joins the 1000 base unit bringing the corner unit back inline to be positioned next to a 600 unit. But then I realized the doors won't fit, i'm struggling to think of a solution without having to order smaller doors and to maybe put in an infill panel. Any guidance would be much appreciated before the wife comes back and bollocks me for not letting a kitchen fitter fit it!

It doesn't allow me to respond to questions unfortunately, but it's a wickes flatpack, I was thinking it might be easier for me just to take a couple of cm off the back of the cabinets from the next row, I don't think it would be that noticeable.

Yes there’s limited options with wickes, I do have a corner fillet for the other corner but it’s 1000, the one I’ve fitted is 925, shaved down to 923.5ish, I’m going to try and really get the 1000 right to wall as possible and get the 925 attached and force it out as much as possible to minimise the difference, out of the 2 options I think cutting 1-2cm from the overhang of the back of 3 cabinets will be easier than reducing the size of the 1000 unit, as the 1000 unit is for the sink, it’ll be quite on show, having a 400/500 door, making adjustments for the Dowelings/click clack locking screw nut thing etc, lack of Carpentery skills etc. My original plan was to maximise the space to fit as much cabinet space as possible, knowing I’d have to adapt the corner unit, I always thought I could cut off the back without giving the depth of the next run of cabinets a second thought, only now it’s in front of me I realise! I think if the worktop overhang is too much I could cut it down a bit, planning to do tiles or upstand above worktop so that should hide any untidy cuts, so far I’ve used a handsaw, I guess I better buy an electric saw of some kind to do the rest of cuts. Thanks for your help so far by the way much appreciated, I know a lot of people would of said should of hired a fitter which wouldn’t of been helpful.

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Looks like someone has missed measured... your 1000 base needs to be smaller not sure if it's up against an appliance or wall, if its a wall you can knock the skirting off if you've got any, that will get you close ....or a base unit 900 with a fillet strip to make up the gap, I don't like putting fillet strips in unit to unit personally, usually do it wall side, you can move the centre rail in the 1000 base unit and put in a smaller doors for instance 500 and 400 but you will still need a fillet strip it's a bit of a tricky one without seeing it, depends on where you got it from? was it off the shelf or special order? you can usually jig it about to get it to fit

It’s a lot of work cutting the backs off, it will only show when you put the worktop on. as it will have more overhang. Wickes have limited sizes so you will struggle to make it fit bang on.
Have you tried using a corner post fillet and not using a corner cabinet. It allows you to butt up two normal cabinets they can sometimes get you out of trouble.

I know where you are coming now it’s your only option to cut the backs down when you have an off cut of worktop offer it in to see if it needs cutting or not? you could always chop it into the wall a bit that would save you having to cut it down, just double check your sink cut out Before as they can sometimes leave very little worktop at the back for up stands and tiles. Especially as you have cut the unit backs off hope this helps and good luck


Answered 20th Nov 2019

In regards to taking off 2cm/20 mm that’s fine as long as the next run of base cabinets are only cabinets & not an integrated dishwasher as your limited to depth of this appliance & some base units vary in depth the lowest being 560mm. Also keep in mind if the sink is in this run of cabinets you have to consider the waste for sink if it’s nit going directly out out side,as you’ll need depth for waste pipe at the back if it’s going along the back of cabinets.Also you need to try & keep the cabinets coming off the corner base cabinet running off as square as you can get , as this helps with when fitting worktops & using worktop jigs. As for worktops if your taking off the back of base cabinets you’ll have to take off by scribing off the amount that gives you the same over hang if tops at the front of cabinet. Hope this is helpful & you understand my comments.


Answered 29th Nov 2019

I think you have a 'u' shape kitchen, I would take the 20mm off the corner post that is on the 1000 corner unit


Answered 9th Dec 2019

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