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Does anybody have experience of fitting Zenith (compact laminate) worktops?
I'm based in Bristol.

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Hard wearing, durable, compact and stylish. However, they blunt cutting blades extremely fast so cutting and installation cost will be slightly higher.


Answered 17th Nov 2019

Zenith works too are a great choice a lot different to normal worktop a lot thinner and rather then using keys to pull the joints together biscuits and glue join the two bit together and sinks can be a nightmare to cut out depends on the thickness of sink against the worktop


Answered 17th Nov 2019

I’ve fitted these in a university in reading, great product extremely durable but cutting a jointing is proven very difficult eats blade but best way to join is with the epoxy glue supplied and biscuit jointing them


Answered 18th Nov 2019

Zenith worktops are a great cost effective alternative to stone composite worktops!

They look great, are extremely hard wearing and are easier to install than stone.

The other alternative is a worktop called ‘earthstone’, this is also an acrylic composite worktop 10-15mm with a timber chipboard core, meaning a lot easier to cut and install, a lot cheaper, but still with the ‘almost’ seamless join and hard wearing top.

Hope this helps 👍


Answered 27th Nov 2019

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