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Fire door to front of flat

We have recently been told to install a fire door in a flat FD30S. Is this costly?, do we have to have a fire wall above the door panel??

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FD30s is a Fire door that last for 30min with a smoke seal, cost for fire doors are expensive ranging from £80 to £400 on average.
You should be aware that a fire door will not serve its purpose if the casing it sits in is not fire rated, also the gap between the door casing and wall has got to have fire foam.
A fire wall above the door should be done also, you should check your local building regs to see if its a requirement.
So the real question is can you afford not to!

hope this helps.
Patrick :-)


Answered 15th Nov 2019

I have recently fitted six fire doors to six student rooms. 30 minutes with smoke seals, fireproof, hinges locks and handles. Fitted to the original timber frames, keep shut signs to all doors on each side, and exit signs to hall and stairs. This was the spec given by the building regs officer. A fire wall above each door was not specified as part of regs. Doors were £80 each, plus furniture.


Answered 15th Nov 2019

There are strict Buiding Regulations regarding the installation of fire doors.
The modern term for new build is fire rated door sets, everything is included you just install them in situ as per the method statement. Wheras the above responses are replacing the existing door with a fire rated door into an existing frame/lining. Generally for domestic use the existing frame/lining requires some conversion elements most have been mentioned above, apart from one thing the perimeter joints of the door should be as close fitting as possible without the door repelling. Terry Millar FIOC


Answered 15th Nov 2019

By the Fire Safety regulation all the front door of Flat have to be a FD60,(54mm) with fire strip seal all around, with no3 of fire resistant 3mm hinge, have to be no5 fixing of 4/12” screw each side of frame, better behind the fire strip,and the fire rated packers ( kip them 10mm inside from each face of the frame to aloud fire mastic to be a good filled)the top and bottom fixing have to be at maximum 150 mm from the extremity of frame, and other 3 fixing have to be at maxim of 600 between them(this is for 2200 mm H door) the wall have to be doubled (25mm) plasterboard with external row of fire rated one(if is solid wall don’t use plasterboard) the opening for frame in the wall have to be 10mm gal each side of the frame and Have to be filed up with fire mastic( new fire regulation after tragedy of Grenffel Tower is illegal to use the fire foam) if the gap is between 11mm-20mm first the gap have to be filled with Fire proof rock wool and leave 10mm deep space from face of frame to filled up with fire mastic flash with the wall. If the opening is bigger than 20mm each side Of the frame use fire rated plasterboard to make the gap appropriate to 10 mm. And don’t forget the door closer, from full open door to close the door have to be 7 seconds, the lock have to be fire proof protected as well.This is the fire safety standard for a FD60 front door to be 100% Fire Proof.
FD doors have a different prices between £80-£1000 depend of the finish of the door + labour of the certificate fire door installer.
But to save a life is worth all the money Hope to be a good answer for you


Answered 12th Dec 2019

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