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Is it possible to repaint glossy grey kitchen units in a glossy yellow colour?

We have purchase some glossy grey kitchen units, but now we'd like to change the colour of some of the units. Would it be possible to paint a glossy yellow colour over the glossy grey colour?

Will the grey colour be hidden completely? Will the finished surface look good quality, like factory original? What issues might there be?

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Although not the best question for a kitchen fitter/joiner I recommend speaking to a sprayer or painter as this kind of job is quite common these days but I'd get a sprayer who is highly recommended with a good review and pictures of works completed for peace of mind and a quality tradesmen


Answered 12th Nov 2019

Simple answer is no, the cabinet doors will have to be keyed ( sanded ) then sprayed with a primer coat, then under coat then a couple of top coats for a factory finish, a lot of work would be involved!


Answered 12th Nov 2019

Hi, to paint glossy or shiny surfaces first use zinser bullseye 123, no sanding needed. use a roller to get an even finish . Then your top coat


Answered 14th Nov 2019

I do agree in part with the previous answer, I’d also like to add, it’s not a great long term solution as the paint will scratch and chip eventually, the units will need to be properly prepared before any additional paint finish is applied, so agreed that to obtain a good finish they will need professional preparation and spraying, but please bear in mind future scratches / chips will show the colour underneath.


Answered 14th Nov 2019

yes you can if you want but do sent worth the money, i think. They need to be sanded and spray the paint .my opinion new doors and cheaper


Answered 19th Nov 2019

Buy some new doors. I can be fairly certain you won’t be happy with painting the existing ones.
You could put Formica on them but if you don’t have the experience then your just asking for trouble.


Answered 15th Dec 2019

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