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Is it ok to use decking stain for internal wooden floor?

We are in a process of restoring original wooden floor in an old 1800’s flat and our carpenter suggested to use decking slate stain. We are trying to achieve weathered wood stain finish where we can still appreciate natural grain of the wood. Or is it best just to sand and varnish it? Please advise. Thank you

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Even though it may create the look you are looking for. I would say that exterior formulas of stain usually are not safe for indoor use, Unless stated otherwise. The fungicide in some exterior products are harmful to our health so I would not advise it. There are some excellent indoor stains that can create the same effect.


Answered 30th Jan 2020

I would advise you not to use outdoor formulas because of health and safety,plus with heating on the colour will change


Answered 30th Jan 2020

No don't use external decking stain in doors it's formulated for pressure treated wood
The best thing I have found is to wax stain to the colour of your choice


Answered 30th Jan 2020

I swear by ronseal diamond hard a bit pricey but excellent finish and very hard wearing


Answered 30th Jan 2020

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