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Every skirting board and facing in my hallway and up stairs have been painted in a dark grey gloss by previous owners , i want them back to white , some of them look abit shabby and old . My question is should i get them all replaced or painted over ?

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If the wood is in a very bad condition it would be cheaper and look better to have it replaced.


Answered 6th Nov 2019

If you want a flawless finish, replace the existing skirtings etc with new, it’s a better job in the long run & less time for a P&D


Answered 8th Nov 2019

It really depends on how much work you want to do on the skirting. If it is a particularly ornate period, or hardwood, skirting, then stripping, refurbishing and decorating it will maintain the character of your home. If it is a simple, fairly modern moulding, then labour costs would suggest replacing it would be the most cost effective solution.


Answered 8th Nov 2019

Hugh Marshall has answered spot on .


Answered 8th Nov 2019

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