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Replacing a rotten external wooden door with a ply clad timber frame

Hi - I have an old wooden exterior door / glazed side panel, which leads to a utility area on the side of our house. It's badly rotten and needs to be replaced, but cash is tight at the moment.

We no longer need access through this door (there is an alternative rear door in good order), so I was wondering if I could replace it with a timber frame, clad in exterior ply as a short term solution (until we can afford to have a uPVC unit fit at some point)?

Are there building regs that prohibit this?

Many thanks.

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Hi tom there is no regs on that an yes you can do as planned just keep it water tight if its exterior maybe use some silicone just make sure its waterproof thanks Chris


Answered 1st Nov 2019

If the rotten door is not letting any water or damp in whats the point of spending money on a temporary solution? why not just screw it shut and not use it until you have the money to replace it


Answered 2nd Nov 2019

It should be fine as a short term solution, if the ply is exposed to the elements it will start to delaminate after a while.


Answered 1st Nov 2019

you could use marine ply which will last longer than exterior ply or use Tricoya which is a durable and extremely water resistant MDF.


Answered 2nd Nov 2019

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