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New driveway (block paving) installing with is above damp course


I had a new driveway installed this week. The house is rendered so previously the render stopped about 4/5 inches before the ground then on the brick between the render and ground was the damp course (bitchumen paint).

The new drive way is like a L shape and continues around the side of the house.

At the front of the house there is still like a 3 inch gap between the new block paving and ground so the damp course is visible. But at the side of the house the block paving slopes up where is is around 1cm away for the render so the damp course is no longer visible. It continues to slope up where eventually is higher than the render.

I’m just seeing if this is correct as I assumed there was a space between the render and the ground for a reason.

Any advice will be highly appreciated.


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the common rule is you should have 150mm between dpc and any ground surface. if this is not achievable then you would need a drainage system in place IE, french drain or slotted channel drain running to a soak away, this would prevent bridging the dpc


Answered 25th Oct 2019

It would seem you have a problem ! All paving , earth, etc should be at least 150 mm below your damp course. What your describing is going to cause problems with your external walls with rising damp caused by splashback and bridging the DPC. I assume you have a guarantee from your contractor ? so first port of call should be to contact them and ask to have it put right according to the building regs. Needs a drainage system around the affected areas and running into a new soakaway. Although easy enough to do could prove expensive if you have to get another contractor in solve this problem .Either way you need to address this asap as this will cause a problem with your rendering and possible internal damp issues. Hope this helps


Answered 12th Dec 2019

Hi , common rule on damp course is 2 course of brick , about 150mm , if he's gone round the side of your house and as no way of getting the water to drain he can go to one course of brick just to get the water to drain off , but on no circumstances do you go over that , if he can't get the water off then a dranage system comes into play , ie aco drains.


Answered 3rd Nov 2019

No I would not put the drive above damp as this can cause problems feather down the line for the structure of the house and increased damp


Answered 4th Nov 2019

150 MM. below damp always.if not possible ,then fit drainage system and soak away to keep water running to property


Answered 6th Nov 2019

When we are installing a new driveway if the water is running towards the house without no drainage system we always supply and connect ACCO drains around the perimeter of the property we also supply so Coway 5 m from the property so your ACCO drain is connected to your soak away in my experience I don’t think it’s right that the driveway is higher than the damp course could cause damp


Answered 11th Jan 2020

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