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Kitchen cabinet door had fallen off and i have tried to repair but is still lose and now wonky

A few weeks ago our kitchen cabinet door fell off and took part of the cabinet with it causing a hole. I have filled the hole with wood filler and tried reattaching the door, this hasn’t worked. The door is still lose and is now wonky and has dropped. Is there anything anyone can recommend to help me?

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If you looking to repair it rather than replace it you could give (repair care wood filler) it’s a two part filler that goes off solid and is available in most builders merchants


Answered 23rd Oct 2019

Very simple solution to this.....go to screwfix and ask for a hinge repair door hinge obviously....they will give you the goods and then fit to old holes as best as can and then screw the hinge to the new plate....plate has multiple fixing points...john....JHN carpentry


Answered 23rd Oct 2019

For this go to screwfix or tool station to have hinge repair plate for kitchens door
if the hole in the kitchen cabinet is to big please change the hole for the hings door so you can have new hole made in the cabinet door so the cabinet will have new hole for your hings

Donald From Moben home improvements Ltd


Answered 23rd Oct 2019

Turn the cabinet upside down then attach door


Answered 26th Oct 2019

The hindges can be moved using a hinge sink bit there by creating a far better and non loose refitting of door this is a 35 mm hinge sink and cover caps can be used to cover the old sink holes on inside of door


Answered 26th Oct 2019

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